Missing Me Yet?

Before we left for our trip I had a hard time accepting that we were going to be so far away from family and friends AND for such a long time! This is compounded even more so because we’re both pretty family oriented people.  We enjoy spending time with our families and chatting about the […]

First Vanlife week in South America: Crossing the Grand/High Sierras of Argentina

Challenges/Amusements of this week: driving in Argentina, figuring out how to find campsites, communicating in Spanish, rapidly changing climate, and regulations of national parks (it hasn’t really been challenging and not bad at all, these are just differences we’re getting accustomed to) Getting out of Buenos Aires has been freeing.  Don’t get me wrong, the […]

Lola’s Southern Goodbye: Georgia and Florida

We continued to move quickly through South Carolina, Georgia, and Florida to reach our delivery date, Wednesday September 21st, at the Port of Jacksonville.  Although the ship would not be  leaving until October 4th, we were able to drop her off early so that we could spend a little time in Guatemala being tourists before our language course […]