Torres del Paine: Unlike Any Other

At this point in the journey we knew we were really into the wonders of Patagonia.  There was no denying it that each day was filled with amazing views.  When you’re surrounded by jagged snowy peaks, lush green forests, and empty windy roads, its hard not to be ecstatic about your road trip. We arrived […]

Argentina’s Great Parks

Again, this is embarrassing, but we are quite behind on our official travel posts.  Last time we wrote it was the end of December, and we had just driven the Carretera Austral in Chile, and moving into Argentina.  Our “Week in Food“ series, that some will remember, was done during this same time. We rushed a […]

The Carretera Austral

We crossed into Chile at Futeleufu and started our journey down the legendary Carretera Austral. The Carretera Austral, literally translated as “Southern Highway”, was built during the Pinochet Era to connect to the southern Chilean villages, mostly for military purposes. The Carretera stretches from Puerto Montt south, about 1300 km to Villa O’Higgins. The highway […]

Missing Me Yet?

Before we left for our trip I had a hard time accepting that we were going to be so far away from family and friends AND for such a long time! This is compounded even more so because we’re both pretty family oriented people.  We enjoy spending time with our families and chatting about the […]