TETONS & JACKSON: a HOLE lot of fun!


Before arriving in Jackson, we spent the night at a trailhead of beautiful wild flowers.
Our first view of Jackson, its definitely in the valley, or the Hole!
The town is very pet-aware, you should be too!
Ola’s 8-year anniversary of being in Jackson…the photo had to be repeated as well.
Ski slopes right in town.
Do you need liquor? You can pick it up at the drive in window, Welcome to Wyoming!
Enjoying the views as we look for our campground in the Teton National Forest.


Prong horned antelope.
IMG_0033 (2)
Good Morning in the Tetons!
IMG_0046 (2)
Hike #1: Tiggard Lake, warm enough to get the feet wet.
Beautiful tall Aspen that are beginning to change color in the Tetons.
“I’ve got a rock in my boot!”
The last view from our hike before the rain started pouring.
Appetizers: Popcorn and Wine!
Sunset #1
Sunset #2
Sunset #3


Hike #2: Leigh Lake and Trapper Lake
Enjoying the freezing glacial melt at the top of Trapper Lake.
Alpine meadows abound before the snow starts to fall in the Tetons.
Entrance to the valley of Granite Hot Springs.



Our time in Wyoming has been well spent. Jackson is extremely touristy, but its fun to see people’s rendition of The West. Sadly, there is little to no mention of the history of Native Americans. Its as though the white man just appeared here and the land belonged to him. I’m going to give my two cents to the National Park…But, the mountains are astounding. We hiked two long trails in the Tetons, it feels so good to move and stretch those legs! We’ve also been getting more creative with our meals. Not only did we have popcorn for appetizers, but also a wonderful vegetable curry and plum-shisito rice, from scratch! On our last night in Wyoming we ate split pea-pork sausage and kale soup for lunch and Sazon-cilantro chicken thighs with couscous and a kale tomato queso fresco salad!

We were in Wyoming from August 31st to Sept 4th of 2016.

9 Replies to “TETONS & JACKSON: a HOLE lot of fun!”

  1. Wow absolutely beautiful. What rout are you guys taking east?

    1. Tonight we will be a few hours east of Chicago. Then to Michigan, then Pittsburg, and then to New York.

    2. After week or so in NY we will make a dash down to Jacksonville FL. We will drop the van off on the 21st.

  2. Did you go to the hot springs?
    Your flower pictures are beautiful.
    And yummy menus from the Larder.

  3. Rounding a bend in the road and seeing the Grand Teton rising above the plain for the first time was unforgettable. Especially since I would be summiting the mountain in a couple days. I expect that you’ll have lots of those moments.

    1. Thank You Jim!

      Life is all about these “rounding the bend” experiences! I hope you had a wonderful hike up to the summit!

    2. Yes I’m sure we will. Thanks for commenting.

  4. Agatha E Cwalina says: Reply

    Jackson looks just like it did! Well maybe a little more brown and dusty than it did those eight years ago…hopefully no parking ticket this time 😉

    1. 😁 no tickets this time!!! But I have Todd a full recount of how we saw the Tetons at dusk, worked our way into a fancy BnB, and got my first parking ticket!

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