Final Preparations

It’s crazy to think, but we are in the final stages.  What!???!?  Yes Alex, the end of the build is coming!

This has been a lot fun, but at the same time we are definitely being hard on ourselves because we are striving for perfection.  I did say the only way I would live in a van for a year is if it were luxurious.

This week Todd has masterfully planned out the design of the cabinetry and has been cutting, painting, drilling, and screwing pieces together.  Putting the final components in is a dream come true, it’s pretty unbelievable.  I find myself staring at it and thinking “Wow, we’ve built all of this, all of it.”

Now back to my mosquito screens!

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  1. Michael Agee says: Reply

    I’m counting on you guys to both enjoy the hell out of yourselves, and to be safe safe safe while on the road – and off it!
    Big love to you both and I’ll be following your journey closely.

    1. Thank you Michael! We will be safe, if Todd were on his own he might take more risks…

      We should be saying goodbye and partying it up in Portland this weekend if our final prep is done by Weds in Seattle. We’d love to see you both!

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