Day 5 in The Rambling Larder’s Week in Food

This week, I’ve been getting the feeling that Alex is trying to show me up in the kitchen.  When we started, we both decided that we would not try and make this food series anything special, just showing our normal routine food.  Well she did it again, this time under the guise of our need to get rid of our veggies.  Because we are crossing the border into Chile soon, and Chile is very strict about these things.  For breakfast she fried up potatoes with peppers, onions, swiss chard and of course it was garnished with parsley and served with eggs.  Quite tasty.

Alex has a weakness for bakeries, while we were running around town taking care of diesel, water, and money she spotted a fancy bakery and insisted.  I will admit that I like baked goods too, but Alex is very good at justifying these purchases.  She picked up empanadas and medialunas (croissants, get it media = half and luna = moon).  These are two of our favorites.  Empanadas come in all shapes and forms and consist of awesomeness wrapped in dough.  The standard awesomeness consists of beef in a heavy sauce, but you can get lots of varieties; cheese, chicken, or even fruit.  What is great is the method for telling them apart.  They use a different folding style for each type, genius!  Empanadas could very well be the national food of Argentina.

On our way out of town Lola (our trusty van/home) had some troubles.  She died about 30 miles from El Calafate.  Don’t worry we were able to revive her in short time.  This happened once before, but we thought that we had fixed it.  I won’t go into the problem, but it has turned out to be one of those little things that you chase around in modern engines.  Nothing to cause damage, at least we don’t think so, but not good either.  After doing some research and speaking with some Sprinter expert friends we were headed back out to one of my top favorite campsites.  It was pretty late and we didn’t get there until 9pm.  We whipped up a pretty boring late night snack of sandwiches with fresh mozzarella, cold cuts and cucumber.

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  1. A fritatta!
    But aren’t croissants crescent moons?
    Keeping our fingers crossed that Lola will be fine.

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