Back to School for Us!

We arrived in Guatemala City and couldn’t believe we made it to Central America! The clouds of diesel exhaust and crowded living conditions were a quick reality check.  The people are very kind and helpful.  It is hard seeing that their world is so different than ours.  We’ve been having lots of social justice conversations and thinking about what we want to do with our extra time while in Guatemala, perhaps volunteering!
From Guatemala City we traveled to Antigua, where we stayed three nights at an AirBnB.  It’s a historic city that has been through many earthquakes and sits at the base of three volcanoes!  It has a big cultural emphasis and an expat community as well, so there is plenty to do and lots of fun bars to go to!  We had the good fortune to meet a Polish couple at our AirBnB.  Marta and Andrzej are traveling throughout Central and South America and we hope to meet them in Patagonia in the coming months!
Yesterday we had our first day of Spanish school at the Community Spanish School.  We are EXCITED about continuing to take classes!  Neither of us has ever taken Spanish classes before, and while were still at home our studying efforts were pretty weak….  We got a little distracted with the build, if you can imagine!
Our teacher,  Selvin,  is a very nice guy and we think we’re off to a good start (we hope he thinks so too).  4 hours a day.  And there’s HW, too!
We hope to spend 3-4 weeks here, and are living with a host family and they speak ONLY Spanish!  This very helpful for us to continue to learn after we leave class.  We’re having a great time and can’t wait to see how much Spanish we learn.
We were in Antigua, Guatemala from Sept 22 thru Sept 25th

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  1. You made it! So exciting! Que tengan buen viaje 🙂

    1. Muchas Gracias Shelly! Nos viaje son muy interesant i bonito!

  2. You didn’t tell us you stopped at VT.
    But of course you would.
    Lots of memories there, both happy and very sad.

    So glad you’re enjoying Guatemala.
    Is there any way you could get the people of San Pedro thinking about dumping their waste somewhere besides the lake right next to them that has no inflow or out flow?
    That would be a great service.

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