KIDS EYES ONLY!!! What did you do this summer?


Don’t try to read this if you’re an adult or something.  This is not for YOU!


Teachers are always curious about their students’ summers.  Why??? Didn’t they do something fun?  Did they just go to teacher camps all summer?

This is how I spent the weeks before school started, seeing our beautiful country.  GO USA!!!

You can comment on this page!  What’s your favorite picture?  Would you join me on this trip???


Mrs. LaVielle traveled across the United States from West to East from August 21st to September 22nd.  The pictures are mainly in this order: Oregon, Idaho, Wyoming, Nebraska, Iowa, Illinois, Indiana, Ohio, Pennsylvania, New York, Virginia, Tennessee, North Carolina, South Carolina, Georgia, and Florida.

2 Replies to “KIDS EYES ONLY!!! What did you do this summer?”

  1. Hi Ola and Todd!

    This is Marta and Andrzej from Antigua Callejon del Sol. We just got back from Lago de Atitlan, and we loved it there. We stayed at San Marcos at a tent on a hill with breathtaking views. Now we’re back in Antigua for one night, and tomorrow we’re heading for El Salvador. It sucks that you’ve already left Antigua as we really enjoyed spending the evening with you.

    Hope to see you in Patagonia, if we will need a ride we know who to call :).

    Todd you should practice your polish more, and you can start with following our blog:

    Marta & Andrzej

  2. I hope your having a blast that looks super fun!

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